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Acupuncture -- Pins or NEEDLES

The most frequently asked question about acupuncture is “Will it hurt?”

Acupuncture needles are more like pins than needles, very thin pins, as thin as a thread.  They can be so thin because they are not used for injecting substances into the body.  Sometimes, some points can pinch when the pin is inserted, but that sensation goes away immediately. Sometimes there can be a spreading, dull ache feeling that can be part of the healing effect of acupuncture. It does not last for long. 


How Does Acupuncture Work?

Pins are inserted to specific points, areas of the body that send messages via the nerve and energy grids of the body to take away pain and symptoms, relieve illnesses and diseases.  The best part is that you can be strengthened to resist and prevent disease.

Pain is caused by obstruction in the circulatory and nervous systems, like sitting in a traffic jam.  I insert a pin into a point to release the flow of blood and nerves which relieves the bottleneck.  Order is restored.  Relief is in sight.  You can relax and heal.


One treatment will probably offer you some relief of symptoms.  Depending on the type, duration, seriousness of problem you are having, you may need more frequent treatments over a period of time.


What are Pacific Asian (Oriental) and Traditional Medicines?

There is more to Pacific Asian medicine than inserting pins into specific points on your body. All Doctors of Oriental Medicine (DOM) are trained in bodywork techniques, moxa, gwa sha, cupping, herb formulas, etc. These techniques are elements of most healing systems practiced by indigenous, traditional cultures.

Besides acupuncture, I specialize in bodywork techniques, dolphin AcuCurrent, and relaxation techniques to work with you on what is important to you.  I try to bring you into your highest state of wellness so you are free to become the best you can be, who you want to be.

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