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Dr Cat tailors treatment to your needs from ancient medicines with a modern approach.
“You have my undivided attention during your treatment.”



Acupuncture has definitely improved each of our lives and the treatment experiences with Dr. Caterina Di Palma have been excellent.  We both have felt that Dr. Di Palma and her treatments have eased our stress levels and we have been able to relax and be comfortable to minimize our individual symptoms.  

In return, this has allowed us to be productive and live a pain free life. 

- David & Tamara B.

I was a patient and had lost contact with Caterina. I recently had the honor of finding her again. I have been suffering with hip pain since May 2020. After one treatment I have slept better than I have in months. My pain level is greatly reduced. Caterina is a gifted healer and exceeds in professionalism.
Pam Archer

  • Acupuncture with Massage

  • AcuCurrent – No needle acupuncture

  • Scalp & Ear Acupuncture

  • Specially prepared oils & liniments

  • Chinese Herbal Fromulas

  • Acupressure, Shiatsu

  • Tuina

  • Gwa Sha

  • Cupping - Ventosas

  • Moxabustion

  • Alpha Stim

  • Bemer – increases circulation 

  • Bio-Mat – Amethyst Infra-red heat

  • TDP lamp – Infra red heat

  • Food as Medicine

  • Supplements

$85 for an hour 

For those with Medicaid:

$75 for an hour's appointment


Dr. Cat's treatments are based on more than 40 years of practice and study of Asian Pacific medicine techniques, the last 25 years as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine offering acupuncture, herbs, food as medicine and more recently working with MicroCurrent which is acupuncture without needles for those afraid, shy of needles.  She began working with Japanese massage, Shiatsu, acupressure, manipulation, & nutrition.   These techniques relieve pain.  They reach deep into the body to break through obstruction to readjust, and stimulate the immune & circulatory systems.  


They calm the nervous system to relieve pain & many symptoms, bring balance, and allow you to become who you want to be.  Well versed in Food as Medicine, nutrition, supplements, corrective exercise and herbs, Dr. Cat can help with dietary and lifestyle changes.

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